New origin cluster


We recently migrated our origin infrastructure to a much more reliable system.
From now on the jsDelivr origin is hosted on Docker swarm cluster consisting of:

  • 3 manager nodes in 3 different datacenters. All hosted by DigitalOcean. This means that
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jsDelivr reloaded 2017


A long time has passed since the last update. Since then jsDelivr has improved and grown a lot.

New backend!

  • A completely automated system that works by proxying npm and Github directly. All a user needs to do is publish
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KeyCDN joins jsDelivr


KeyCDN is a CDN provider based in Switzerland with a global anycast network and lots of international clients. Even though they are a fairly new company (2012) they already have all the features we require from a core CDN provider

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New sponsor: IBM

Many of you might know that up until now, jsDelivr was using Akamai to host our DNS.

For a time, this was a usable solution, but unfortunately we realized that the performance of Akamai’s DNS does not meet our

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