Load balancing algorithm open sourced!

You probably have been wondering how jsDelivr does load balancing between CDNs. Here is a good blog post that I wrote for Mozilla that explains what happens in the backend "jsDelivr – The advanced open source public CDN".

The only thing missing was the actual code. Well I am happy to announce that in collaboration with Cedexis we are open sourcing our DNS application and the full load balancing code.
The community is now free to read the code and purpose modifications to improve our logic and the performance of the whole CDN.
Check out jsDelivr's load balancing algorithm at Github right now.

And of course Cedexis will continue helping out and improving the code as they release new features and improvements to their platform. Performance and stability will always be our number one priorities. Its something that we have in common with all of our sponsors including Cedexis, MaxCDN and CloudFlare.

With this move we removed one of the biggest "black boxes" of jsDelivr and that's only the start. We will continue to increase our transparency to ensure the trust of our community and inspire more people to become contributors and help us out with all kinds of interesting problems that need solving.