jsDelivr weekly news #2

Latest changelog:

  • A new load balancing algorithm was pushed to production. Its a lot smarter and makes even heavier use of RUM performance data for each provider. The whole logic was revisited and now standalone servers are no longer used by default in all cases. All sponsored CDNs from now on have higher priority and are used by default. Standalone servers are only used for individual countries. For example Finland has a rule that takes into consideration the performance for 2 additional sponsored servers on top of our CDNs. This way the speed of jsDelivr becomes even better with a lot more stability. You are encouraged to report performance issues if you experience any problems.
  • An organization account was created for jsDelivr. All jsDelivr related projects will be created under the same account
  • A CloudFlare App is under development. If anyone is interested to help please let me know. JavaScript knowledge is required.
  • It is planned to open source the jsdelivr.com website. But before that someone will have to rewrite the back-end code from scratch. At the moment most probably I will have to hire a freelancer to do that. Again if anyone is interested to help let me know
  • All .zip generation was moved to the origin. They are no longer hosted in our Github repo
  • It is now possible to load the latest version of any project by using a special URL.
  • An application to automatically fetch and upload new versions of projects is under development
  • A lot of new features are planned to be released.
  • qTip2 switched to jsDelivr as their official CDN provider!

As always you can participate and contribute to the project. Coders, designers, companies... We need everyone.
We are also interested to include even more CDNs into jsDelivr. If you know people in the CDN industry then let them know that they can help the open source community by simply sponsoring a few TBs of traffic per month.
If MaxCDN and CDN.NET could see past their differences and competition and partner up to help an open source project then anyone can.

Also in the last few months some of our providers experienced downtime. But I am pleased to say that our load balancing algorithm worked perfectly and jsDelivr uptime remained 100% without anyone being affected.