jsDelivr reloaded 2017


A long time has passed since the last update. Since then jsDelivr has improved and grown a lot.

New backend!

  • A completely automated system that works by proxying npm and Github directly. All a user needs to do is publish his package to the npm registry and it will instanly appear on the jsDelivr CDN
  • To protect our users all requested files are permanently cached on our servers. If a package gets deleted from npm you will be protected and your website will not break
  • The origin is now hosted on multiple servers and multiple instances with load-balancing and failover enabled between them

New website!

  • We now have a completely new website https://www.jsdelivr.com/
  • Its connected to npm directly and you can use it to easily search and get the CDN links of all files hosted there
  • All projects now have complete download stats! It was a large and difficult project but its finished and now you can see exactly how popular your project is