jsDelivr News: New infrastructure and more

It's been a while since I posted news regarding jsDelivr.
Let's see what happened since then:

  • jsDelivr moved to a new infrastructure!
    • It now utilizes a Multi-CDN system using Cedexis load balancing.
    • NetDNA and CDN.NET are the main CDN providers. All traffic is load balanced between them.
    • The system checks both Uptime and Performance before deciding which CDN should serve the user. This algorithm guarantees a super reliable and fast network.
    • Tested in the wild. One of the CDN providers had Uptime issues (10'), jsDelivr to this day has 100% Uptime.
  • Custom POPs are planned to be added in the next few days.
    • A few hosting providers have sponsored jsDelivr with VPS nodes in locations where there is no CDN presence. (If you are a provider and want to sponsor a free VPS please mail me contact@jsdelivr.com)
    • Traffic will be load balanced based on the same algorithm, Uptime+Performance.
    • Nginx+SSL will be installed to serve the content. A Caching Proxy configuration is going to be used to make sure the system is 100% malware free.
  • During the next month its planned to switch to Akamai hosted DNS from AWS Route 53.
  • Pingdom published a small interview with me and a friend of mine. jsDelivr-jster interview
  • More than 600 projects are currently hosted!

Uptime and performance are very important to me and this is why I do anything I can to improve jsDelivr even further. It is constantly under development and brainstorm for new ideas. I want to make it one of the most popular public CDNs out there.
I think it's safe to say that currently jsDelivr is the most advanced free public CDN out there. The only thing it lacks is some serious promotion. I hope people eventually will see that it deserves their trust and will start using it.


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